In 1939, Olav and Mildred Fosdal purchased a little bakery in
downtown Stoughton, Wisconsin
from Hans Romnes, which was
named the Home Bakery because
the Romnes family lived in the
upstairs of the A-frame building.

The Home Bakery then became known
as Fosdal Home Bakery.

After Olav and Mildred's son, Gerry, graduated high school, he became a full time employee at the bakery. He married Beverly in 1963, and they took over the business in 1976.


Gerry was in charge of production, and Bev handled the bookkeeping. The Fosdals built the business into not only a community hub, but also
a supplier of baked goods to many other local businesses.

In 2005, Joseph Crubaugh, a third-generation
baker from Dodgeville, Wisconsin,
purchased the bakery after many years
of working for Gerry and Bev.

Today, Joe runs the bakery with help from his
niece, Amanda, and about thirty employees.

Fosdal Home Bakery is known for
our delicious, high-quality products and old-fashioned friendly service. We've been named the 2018 Sweetest Bakery in Wisconsin, Madison Magazine's Best of the Burbs Bakery in 2015 and 2016, and the 2014 Wisconsin Baker's Association Bakery Operation of the Year.


Whether you're just stopping in for a customer-favorite chocolate donut and coffee, or feeding a hundred with a beautifully decorated cake, you'll be treated to a warm hello, a wide variety of fresh-baked goods, and most likely some chitchat.

We may be nationally recognized
for our deliciousness, but we're still a
small-town operation at heart...and
we're darn proud of it.



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